Watch A Trailer For Logic’s New Album

Logic has officially named his third studio album Everybody. It’s coming out sooner than expected, and fans can hear it on May 5th. The Def Jam signed rapper revealed cover artwork for Everybody in artistic fashion on Twitter. Much like Logic’s previous albums Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story, the cover artwork is hand painted by artist Sam Spratt.

The album cover for Everybody made its debut in artistic fashion in the trailer below.

Sam Spratt talked about how the cover painting came together in the Instagram caption below.

Last summer I got a call from Bob (Logic). I answer the phone: “Dude. Everything ok? It’s 3 in the morning”. He replies: “Bro. I’m in Paris. I’m at the Louvre. I know what the next album cover is gonna be”. He says the name of a painting I only vaguely remembered from art history class, “The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese”. Half asleep I go “doesn’t that have like a 100 people in it?”. “130” he says with this giddy energy to his voice. “Maybe not that many but this is IT dude. It hit me. I want a celebration. My friends, my wife, my family, my inspirations, my dogs, your dog, your girl, you, all races, colors, creeds, genders, sexual orientations. I want a painting of EVERYBODY. All together, having a meal. This is it. However much time it takes, whatever it takes, I’ll give you what you need to make it happen. I know it’s the middle of the night, but this is a moment we’ll remember. Trust me.”
It was a crazy request, but I knew I was in. Still, I wondered: would all of the inevitable months of effort be misplaced? Because really, no matter how big of an image it was, most people will consume the album art as a tiny thumbnail on a phone. Even when every little thing is carefully placed & researched, I just had to embrace it being a bit of a visual clusterfuck. It’s a labyrinthine, complex, convoluted, & dense artwork, filled with a crazy backstory, hidden codes, easter eggs, symbolism, & foreshadowing for narratives he hasn’t even shared yet. It’s 6 months of research & work meant to be put under a microscope, it’s meant to be seen at his shows, blown up big, viewed years later & still not know everything about it. Really, just like Bob, it’s a hard first read – you’ve gotta dive deep.

While just an album cover — just a tiny stamp that goes over the real shit everyone is here for, I’m not too cynical yet to admit it’s still the most challenging & rewarding thing I’ve ever worked on & to be totally honest, I’m just genuinely excited to share that with everybody. Huge thank you to all who helped me to make this, so much more to share in the coming months, but for now … here’s the cover for Everybody, the legendary 3rd studio album from Logic. 5/5

Stay tuned for more from Logic.