Luda x The Source

Ludacris will appear on the cover of The Source magazine’s special Spring 2015 issue. In the mag Luda talks about his new album Ludaversal as well as appearing the Fast & Furious films, and protecting his family.

“If you’re talking about me, you’re talking about them. So it’s almost like when you know that back-in-the-day saying about a mother’s strength. Like, a mother’s strength can pull a car off a child. Strengths that you didn’t know you had, you tap into a whole other energy source that you don’t want to really do that. You don’t want to f*** with that. I’ve never claimed to be the most gangster, or hard-ass rapper. However, when you tap into something that’s f****** with me or my family, there’s another side that you’re going to see from me.”

ludacris the source