After achieving his first ever number one debut on the charts, Lupe Fiasco will be featured on the cover of the latest issue of XXL Magazine which is slated to hit shelves in May. An interview about the last few years of Fiasco’s career will be included, and from the preview that XXL’s site provides, it seems we will be learning the true and entire story behind his struggles to release Lasers.

Lu revealed to XXL that in 2009 Atlantic froze his budget on Lasers because they were unhappy with what they had heard so far of the album. The decision was crippling and Fiasco says caused him to contemplate suicide. “It follows you everywhere,” he said of the depression that overtook him. “The way you rationalize things gets titled through that mentality.” In the song “Beautiful Lasers,” from the disc, Lupe mentioned keeping a gun on his table. “That was literal,” he admits. “I own a ton of them.”

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