According to a lawsuit, Lupe Fiasco hid money for drug kingpin Charles Patton.

If you don’t know who Patton is, he was Lupe’s mentor and business partner but was sentenced to 44 years in prison back in 2007 for being caught with approximately $1 million worth of heroin. At that time there was nothing to explicitly connect Lupe to the drug ring aside from some recorded conversations where he discussed splitting up “whole yellow” and “whole red ones” with Patton. Fiasco stated in court that this was simply referencing mixing and prepping music tracks. Right…

The lawsuit filed by Charles‘ wife Inita, claims Lupe hid millions of dollars for him so that she wouldn’t see any of the money while he’s behind bars serving a 44-year sentence for running a heroin empire.

Patton‘s wife believes Lupe hid as much as $9 Million dollars for him and placed the money in various bank accounts so she won’t see a penny. She is suing with claims that the money is rightfully hers.

Lupe‘s lawyer reached out to TMZ, saying Inita‘s allegations will be proven false at trial. He added, “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.”