Mac Miller has always been known for his independence as an artist, releasing two commercially successful CDs in 3 years with no help from a major label.  Now in a recent interview with MTV‘s Rob Markman, the man who Ab-Soul recently named as his current favorite rapper says he is leaving Rostrum Records, the independent label he’s been with since 2010 under which he released Blue Slide Park and Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

With Mac having plenty of projects in the works this is certainly bad news for Rostrum, but here is what their president Benjy Grinberg had to say about the situation:

“We are proud of the historic run that we had together and we will continue to support him in any way that is needed. We wish him nothing but the best in the future.”

Mac Miller added:

“Rostrum is my family. That is forever, No matter what, we will always work together. We moved mountains and I can only see them continuing that tradition. I am grateful for everything I learned and am always here for whatever.”

Could this be a move toward a major label or further independence? Only time will tell.