Last night in Machine Gun Kelly’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio after WWE Raw went off the air, WWE Superstar John Cena brought Machine Gun Kelly into the ring and announced that MGK will be performing his Wrestlemania 28 theme song “Invincible” in front of a live Miami, Florida audience come April, 1st. MGK will walk John Cena to the ring as he provides Cena’s entrance music. WWE Wrestlemania 28 is going to be a huge event. This year’s show will feature a main event between John Cena and WWE Legend The Rock.

“I am not like that other individual who used to play in this very stadium. I WILL NOT take my talents to South Beach.”

MGK has to be a WWE fan.  His Bad Boy Records released single “Wild Boy” pays homage to John Cena, with lyrics by Waka Flocka who is featured on the song saying “Royal Rumble in the club, John Cena.” Okay, Waka Flocka actual says John Cee-no on the song, but we understand what he meant.  A remix of the track was just released. You can listen to MGK’s “Wild Boy (Remix)” featuring other currently hot Hip-Hop acts such as 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti and French Montana here.

After the jump you can see two more videos from WWE Raw, including John Cena’s Rap comeback and The Rock’s “concert” which were televised last night.

John Cena’s Rap Comeback

The Rock “Concert”