Watch Macklemore Perform His New Song “Kevin” At The American Music Awards

Inspired by the drug related death of his friend Kevin, Macklemore debuted a new song featuring Leon Bridges at the American Music Awards last night. Speaking on the song, this is what Macklemore had to say:

This one is personal… I started writing it when my friend Kevin passed from an overdose on prescription medication. It was my attempt to process his death. To grieve. And also to examine the over abundance of prescription drugs in America. How quick we’re taught at an early age to put a pharmaceutical bandaid over our pain/anxiety.

Not only is the topic close to home because of Kevin and others that I’ve lost to pills, it’s close to me because of my addiction. I’ve come very close to dying. I’m far from proud of that, but it’s my truth. I wish I could say I’m cured. That I have it all figured out. But that’s not the case. One day at a time I work to stay sober. There’s so much more to say. And hopefully a bigger conversation to be had. But I didn’t want to share this song without giving some context. I think of Kevin. I miss him. I hope he’s somewhere listening to this… I hope he got to watch our performance last night. I hope he’d be proud.