Local New York rapper Maino took to social media to speak on Kendrick Lamar claiming he’s the king of New York on his new track going at everybody, “Control.” Maino isn’t mad about the song, and is keeping it real saying NY don’t even run their own city anymore. Check out what Maino had to say below.

Shiiit, last time I checked, Khaled was the King of NY. And Ross! Keep it real. We don’t even run our own city. #facts. U may disagree wit my POV but other than Jay who has the rite to claim they king here? I see artists from other places more celebrated and respected. Stop letting ur emotions supercede ur intelligence. Let’s all keep it real for 1 min. The music that dominates NY radio, Clubs and street is not from here. #facts. Lol same niggas mad at me is the same niggas that don’t support the same city they tryna defend. #Eatadickyouknowwhatimabout. B****!! Drake is the King of NY!!! Wayne is the King of Ny!!! Lol yall don’t even get it. Smh. Yall too emotional to see wut I’m saying. But ask urself, do u REALLY support NY artists? B4 yesterday did u love ur own homegrown nigga? My City don’t even love itself. So don’t ask how a nigga from Cali could claim NY’s Crown. If anybody got a problem wit wut I said I’ll b in Greenhouse tonite listening to the Kings of NY (Ross,Future,Drake,Wayne,etc) lol.

Maino is one of the artists I would have liked to hear a response out of, but I guess that won’t happen. Instead we’ll have to deal with Joell Ortiz‘s response for now, and wait to see if other New York emcees respond.