According to French Montana, the story we posted a few days ago regarding Max B’s appeal being denied and Max B facing 30 more years in prison until 2042 was not true. Below are some Tweets French Montana sent out regarding the situation, which he says was all just a rumor, explaining that he just talked to Max B.

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Free Max B!

Update: Amalgam Digital’s CEO Next talked with TSS about the situation “I saw bunch of people tweeting about it on my time line so I commented on it not realizing it was just a rumor. The websites look to me as a credible source, so they quoted my tweet and ran with the story. I should’ve known better than to believe the hype,” he said.

Max B also hopped on the phone and delivered this message “This was just a test from God. A battle cry. A call to arms. I’m bullet proof. And I’m coming out on my grown man shit.”

The real verdict on Max B’s appeal will not be revealed until April.