Looks like some major cuts were made from Maybach Music Group’s original tracklist. The CD now holds fifteen tracks, some of which didn’t appear on the other nineteen song tracklist revealed days ago. Notable songs removed include “Work,” which is a Lex Luger produced collaboration between Meek Mill and Ross and “Destiny” which was a Wale and Drake collaboration. I’m kind of hoping the songs removed will be revealed a bonus cuts or something in the near future and I know Drake’s fans are going to be upset at his collaboration being cut. Continue reading for the final tracklist.

1. Selfmade – Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses
2. Tupac Back – Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross
3. 600 Benz – Wale ft. Rick Ross & Jadakiss
4. Pacman – Pill ft. Rick Ross
5. By Any Means (Malcolm X) – Wale, Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross
6. Fitted Cap – Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross ft. J. Cole
7. Rise – Pill, Wale & Teedra Moses ft. Prince Cyhi & Currensy
8. That Way – Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross
9. Ima Boss – Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross
10. Don’t Let Me Go – Pill ft. Gunplay
11. Pandemonium – Meek Mill ft. Wale & Rick Ross
12. Play Ya Part – Wale ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross
13. Ridin’ On Dat Pole – Pill
14. Big Bank – Pill, Meek Mill, Torch & Rick Ross ft. French Montana
15. Running Rebels – Wale ft. Meek Mill & Teedra Moses

Update: The final tracklist we posted is now confirmed official, by the Warner Bros. music store.