Rumors recently circulated online that Meek Mill and Rihanna may be romantically involved after the two were spotted together in the same strip club and subliminal messages were sent back and forth between the two on Twitter and Instagram. HipHopSince1987 did an article about Meek Mill and Rihanna‘s rumored relationship last month and afterward in an interview with Rap-Up, Meek Mill shot down the rumors, revealing he has a girlfriend back home in Philadelphia and the rumors are “ruining his life“.

Last night Meek Mill and Rihanna were spotted together once again and shortly after, Rihanna‘s ex boyfriend Chris Brown got wind about the rumored couple being together and he Tweeted “She’s a dream chaser! There are a lot of Dreamers so she’ll be running forever!”, obviously letting it be known he knows about the rumored couple while giving his opinion on the matter.

Meek Mill then responded saying “These chicks belong to the game, not you. Never get confused and think that’s all you,” in a Tweet of his own which was obviously aimed at Chris Brown.

It’s also being reported that Chris Brown has removed Meek Mill from his upcoming track “Don’t Judge Me”, which will be featured on his forthcoming album Fortune. Meek Mill Tweeted subliminally about that situation saying “You took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne,” later Meek Mill deleted the Tweet.

Rihanna hasn’t commented on her rumored relationship, but she has Tweeted a message aimed at either Meek Mill or Chris Brown and retweeted fan’s opinions which could also be taken as her own. Rihanna‘s Tweet said “A rat is a rat,” and the messages retweeted say “I hate how you pretend that we’re closer than we actually are” and another read “ni**as acting like b****es and b****es acting like ni**as”.

Sounds like a new beef is brewing and Rihanna is caught in the middle of it.  We’ll keep you updated.