Meek Mill Cancels Beef With Drake & AR-AB, Removes Diss Track From His Soundcloud

Meek Mill took to his Instagram account this morning to update fans on his current “rap beef” with Drake and “real beef” with fellow Philly rapper AR-AB. Meek Mill in a horribly written and grammatically incorrect Instagram rant explains that he’s making too much money to entertain the beef with Drake, says AR-AB is just trying to get into the business by dragging himself into things and more. Take a look at what Meek Mill rambled on about below.

“We really only focusing on making it out that’s the only war we fighting…. I’m not entertaining no rap/real beef over drake s/o a rapper! I can’t fall for the oldest trick in the book and I never shoulda entertained it bcuz it won’t bring me no money or success.. Ima take blame for it even tho “I can stand” anything I do or say and niggaz know…Everybody know everybody watching and anything beyond what’s going on is stupid to b reacting on about a bunch of niggas just tryna get on and in the game…I been in these streets having money for a long time now “shining hard” and never had a problem with I came up from nothing and my name good… I don’t feel like I gotta try to prove myself to the people and end up in a real situation over this fake rap shit! I’m just on some next level shit wit it tryna touch some real paper… Leave all that murder one shit in the streets if you tryna get rich and make it out! All this killer shit on social media is like walking ya self into prison and that ain’t my lifestyle and don’t really make sense to me …. I’m getting way too much money to even process the thought of throwing it away about niggas talking about each other like girls they just was claiming they was cool with and at the end of the day they all just tryna get on! All I can say is do ya thing but niggas better smarten up!”

Yep, looks like Meek Mill has officially had enough of the memes and being the butt of jokes and this is his way of gracefully giving up the beef completely. Maybe he just couldn’t win. Also, it’s worth noting Meek Mill‘s Drake diss track “Wanna Know” has been deleted from Meek‘s Soundcloud. A sad day for hip hop.