Meek Mill and 50 Cent had a run in and cleared up issues

During a sit down interview with Angie Martinez, Meek Mill opened up about his beef with 50 Cent, which is now in the past. According to Meek Mill, the two men had a run in and handled their issues like grown men. He explained how the beef came to happen because of his affiliation with Slowbucks and Rick Ross. The issues between the two grew via social media posts, and Meek dissed 50 on songs, but quickly things were squashed in the streets. The run in happened over 9 months ago.

Meek Mill touches on dead beef with 50 Cent at the 27 minute mark.

In related news, Rick Ross followed 50 Cent on Instagram after Meek Mill‘s interview with Angie Martinez.

Meek Mill also spoke to Angie Martinez about his relationship with Nicki Minaj, keeping his relationships behind closed doors in the future, and more.

Meek Mill is on a promo run for his stellar new album, Wins & Losses. During another radio interview with Hot 97, Meek Mill ruffled Trick Daddy‘s feathers. Trick Daddy reacted on Instagram with a video screaming at Meek Mill. Watch the hilarious but not to be taken lightly video below.