Meek Mill Responds To Joe Budden’s Podcast Diss

In case you missed it, during the latest episode of Joe BuddenI’ll Name This Later” podcast he talked about Meek Mill‘s relationship with Nicki Minaj and his new album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Joe Budden dissed Meek Mill and called some of the things Meek Mill does “sappy f*ck shit” on the podcast all while he praised his album. It was basically a backhanded compliment from Joey, that’s at least how many of us viewed it but Joey claims it wasn’t a diss at all. Meek apparently sees it the same way we do… So tonight he reacted on his Twitter account by calling Joe Budden a noodle and sharing information about how dead a crowd got when he brought him out at a show in New York City.

UPDATE: Joe Budden responded to Meek‘s tweets with a few of his own. Looks like the Meek Mill and Joe Budden beef is officially on.

joe budden meek mill tweet 1

joe budden meek mill beef

joe budden disses meek mill

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