On February 14th a new film starring Method Man will be released. Nope, we aren’t seeing a new ‘How High’ movie yet, instead the Wu-Tang member will star in a new direct-to-video thriller titled ‘The Mortician’. The box art for the DVD can be seen above.

The film will find Method Man playing an introverted mortician who has his life disrupted when an ex-convict is appointed as his new porter.

A mortician’s life (Method Man) is changed when a woman’s body arrives to his table and stirs up memories of his past. While trying to pull himself together, he finds a young boy hiding in his morgue. The boy tells him that he’s only there to say goodbye to his dead mother because he’s on the run from his father, who wants him dead. Determined to help him, the mortician takes on the role of personal protector and will stop at nothing to end the cycle of abuse.

You can watch a trailer for the Lionsgate film after the the jump. For those who are antsy for some new music from Method Man, do know that the film’s soundtrack features new and unreleased tracks from him. In fact in the trailer you get a preview of one.