MGK likes black girls. He recently revealed that piece of information on his Twitter account. While on the red carpet at the BET Awards, Machine Gun Kelly was asked why he supposedly favors black women and his response? Because his daughter is black and because black girls give the best head. Hey, that’s his response not mine. Some won’t take that as sounding racist, but if you know white people like I know white people, that comes off kinda racist to me. I’m just saying, if you’re going to pick sides and publicly speak out on what color women you supposedly like, you should have a better answer than that. I’m not saying this is a case of wanting to be down, but if you wanted to be down parading around the BET awards saying how much you love black women because they give the best head just doesn’t seem like a good start to me.

In this clip after Machine Gun Kelly lets that controversial bit of words come out of his mouth about why he loves black girls, a black woman off camera rightfully gets offended by what MGK says and walks off. MGK then goes on to make fun of her purse and calls her a bitch. Smooth.

This reminds me of when Asher Roth thought he was down enough to get away with saying “he’s partying with nappy headed hoes” on Twitter. Obviously, that didn’t work out well for him.