Free Migos!

This past Saturday during Spring Bling at Georgia State University, a Migos live performance was cut short when cops arrested the trio as well as their entourage. According to TMZ reports, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset had Cocaine, Oxycontin, Marijuana, Codeine, and a loaded firearm on their tour bus which was found by police.

Quavo and Takeoff both have $10,000 bond, while Offset‘s bond was denied because he is a convicted felon. Offset is being charged with carrying a loaded gun on school grounds.

Challenge to Judge by Lawyer from group has yielded some success. Quavo and Takeoff Bail offered at $10,000. Offset DENIED Bail. Migos member ‘Offset’ Bail Denied mostly in part because he is a Convicted Felon who is Charged with Carrying Loaded Gun on School Grounds. Quavo and Takeoff expected to make Bail today. Judge mulling over next court date for Offset who is remanded to County Jail. -DJ Akademiks