Can We Even Debate This?

During an interview with Billboard where Migos touch on subjects such as police brutality, the crew also touched on Drake biting their flow.

Migos were asked about a YRN song titled “Migos Origin” that contains lyrics like “your favorite rapper he be biting,” to which Migos member Takeoff responded “everybody trying to bite the style ever since we made ‘Versace.’ But they don’t give us credit.” True that. Migos took it a bit further too, pointing fingers directly at Drake for biting the flow:

“There’s a lyric on “Migos Origin” that says ‘Your favorite rapper he be biting.’ That’s a very relevant line right now, with Meek Mill accusing Drake of using ghostwriters.
Takeoff: ‘Your favorite rapper he be biting! When I step in the booth, it’s a moment of silence.’ Everybody trying to bite the style ever since we made ‘Versace.’ But they don’t give us credit.

Quavo: [Raps] ‘Give up the credit when credit due/ Ooh! Louis Vuitton on my shoe/ Ooh! Who the hell is you?/Ooh!…’

Takeoff: We influenced the game. We had a big impact on the game though.

Quavo: [Raps from “Rocky Balboa”] ‘You say you wanna change the game, then you gotta make a name.’

Did you have anyone in line with that rhyme?
Takeoff: Your favorite rapper. Who’s your favorite rapper?

Drake, at the moment.
Takeoff: Drizzy? Drizzy bit the flow.

Quavo: C’mon, Drizzy know he bit the flow! Drizzy got on ‘Versace,’ right? Then when I came on there I did ‘Versace/ Versace/ Medusa head on me like I’m illuminati.’ My boy Drizzy Drake got them bars from me. We together though. We ain’t trippin’ on boss.

It’s interesting to see other rappers besides Meek Mill coming out and talking about Drake‘s style biting ways. I mean, they don’t go as far as saying he uses a ghostwriter or anything. But jacking style is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly neither. It will be really interesting if Drake decides to touch on these comments as well.

Head to Billboard for more of Migos interview, where they also touch on the “dab”.