Mike Knox stopped by Philly‘s Hot 107.9 radio station last night to speak on the BET Hip Hop Awards incident involving G-Unit and MMG‘s Gunplay.

If you don’t know who Mike Knox is, he is an aspiring rapper from Philadelphia who is occasionally around G-Unit, and in this case he was with 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo at the BET Hip Hop Awards taping when things got violent over the weekend. Mike Knox is the man in this video that Gunplay is beating the crap out of while he is on the ground, one of the men who many eyewitness’ say helped jump Gunplay, but unfortunately didn’t get the job done.

A few days later, Mike Knox is now speaking out about the altercation and he says before Gunplay went on to attack him as seen in the video, he was sprayed in the face with mace by security. While this could be truth, but it probably isn’t, why in the blue hell would Gunplay after being jumped by a few men still be in good enough shape to be still throwing punches, and able to be captured beating the hell out of  Mike Knox on film? Yeah, that just don’t add up.

Anyway, now Mike Knox is on the radio and he claims Gunplay hasn’t seen the last of him. In fact he made a threat toward Gunplay, called him a crackhead and even claims to have stole an MMG chain from around his neck. Mike Knox also says he wouldn’t have went to the media to speak on the situation, but the crackhead (Gunplay) did so several times yesterday so he decided to do so also, and respond in an interview with Hot 107.9‘s Q Deezy.

“You can’t call yourself Gunplay, with no gun play.” –Mike Knox

Every man has the right to tell their side of the story, but something just isn’t adding up. Gunplay‘s side of the story, Mike Knox side of the story…somebody is telling lies somewhere.

Listen after the break.

“I’m from North Philly, dadadadada we don’t squash beef.” –Mike Knox