In the digital media era, virtually all music known to civilization is available at the swipe of your fingers. Your smart phone hungers for music, and you should feed it by using the latest and greatest new programs. Here are six music apps you cannot miss in 2015.



Image via Flickr by jeremi

This product is so fantastic that Google eventually purchased it and implemented several of the ideas in their own app, Google Play. Still, the original remains the best version. Songza understands the importance of mood and setting in your musical tastes of the moment. So, it offers playlists for when you first wake up as well as when night falls. The app also provides more specific playlists for various kinds of workouts, romantic settings, and lively party gatherings. Whatever your mood of the moment, Songza will satisfy your desire.


One of the best ways to discover new music is to use the artists you already love as a launching point. Discovr understands this notion and builds a list of music suggestions predicated upon your input. You enter the name of your favorite artist. The app responds with a list of musicians with similar sounds and styles. Discovr provides a quick bio of the band while providing 30-second clips of their music. This way, you can quickly deduce whether their songs are right for you.


Do you prefer to know an artist before they become mainstream? This app presumes that you do, and it services your need by offering easy access to most of the garage bands in the world. It’s basically a handshake site for starving artists and potential patrons.

From the artist perspective, Bandcamp is the best software on the market. It’s easy to upload a song or entire album. Once the music is live, listeners determine its quality. On the consumer side, if you like someone’s songs, Bandcamp processes micropayments so that you can pay them directly as a sign of thanks for the entertainment. You’ll get to know the band, and they’ll feel gratitude for your support during their early days.

The Hype Machine

This app is one of the most original in the music market. Rather than pretend to know what’s new and hip, the software analyzes thousands of the most influential blogs. The idea is to unearth the next big thing the moment that it breaks. The moment a blog post mentions a new song, the app collates it and adds it to your potential playlist.

There is also a ranking system in place for The Hype Machine. Users have the ability to like new selections. If enough of them do so, the song attains the software equivalent of going into heavy rotation. The app will suggest and play it more often due to the groundswell of support. It’s basically the modern antithesis of radio payola. People drive all aspects of The Hype Machine.


Do you have an earworm that has driven you crazy for a while now? Are you old enough to remember a game show called Name That Tune? SoundHound is basically that premise incorporated into a music app. While many services that employ song identification require you to play the track, this app is better.

All you have to do is carry a tune in order to trigger the recognition process. Hum the music into your smartphone, like the Google Nexus 6, or other Android device, and the software will identify the song and artist for you. As long as your device has Internet access, a fast network, and a reliable carrier, you never have to wonder about that song stuck in your head again.


For many, listening to music is a communal experience. SoundCloud is arguably the best social media-enhanced software on the market. Rather than allow some algorithm to determine your likely music matches, SoundCloud expects your friends to do it instead.

If you’re not big on the social component, there is still a lot to like about the app. It employs hashtags to label music styles. A search of #reggae will return literally hundreds of musical recommendations for you to sample based upon previous tags from fellow users. The communal aspect of the process is sure to hook you.

This is the greatest time ever for music fans. There are literally millions of musical options available for your consumption. If you download these apps, you can consume as many of them as you want while discovering new favorites in the process.