Watch “Right Back” By Monty Featuring Fetty Wap

Monty reconnects with Fetty Wap in the official music video for their most recent collaboration “Right Back”. This will land on the Remy Boy’s upcoming mixtape Monty Zoo 2.

Directed by J.R Saint.

He explains the video to Noisey:

“The story behind the song ‘Right Back’ is basically like, when you gotta go away and take them trips, it’s like ‘Baby I’ll be right back!'” Monty explained over email. “It’s a story about what I go through, me being far away from home and you got that shorty that you mess with and you know you want to come right back to.” For the video, he added, he wanted it “to be a lil different, a lil more upscale. It’s a different look for us—a grown man type look.”

“Every day it just becomes easier and easier to us cause we’ve been doing it so long,” Monty said of collaborating with Fetty. “It’s just like one, two, three. And that’s my brother, so at the end of the day it’s like working with a super star, a mega star. For him to still be able to work with me, I’m grateful for that. I’m also inspired by my brother Fetty Wap, I’ve seen him work from nothing to something. I’m just glad to be here.”