MTV revealed their final decisions last night as to who is included on THEIR Hottest MC’s In The Game list. Find out if your favorite artists made THEIR list after the break. But please take notice, this list wasn’t compiled by us. It was compiled by the MTV Hip Hop “Brain Trust.” Yeah. I wonder if this “Brain Trust” had anything to do with making Teen Mom and Jersey Shore so popular. Some of the opinions featured are just…ugh. Anyway, indulge in their picks after the break. No J. Cole? No Kendrick Lamar? Yeah, this list don’t mean sh*t to me.

This is MTV’s Hottest MC’s In The Game list released in 2012 for artists who were active in 2011.

#10 Wale

#9 Wiz Khalifa

#8 Big Sean

#7 Meek Mill

#6 Jay-Z

#5 Lil Wayne

#4 Nicki Minaj

#3 Kanye West

#2 Drake