Popular photographer/videographer Nabil Elderkin spilled the beans about a Watch The Throne tour book last year, and now it seems that the long rumored book is really on the way. No date has been revealed, but now it’s confirmed that the book is being created by Nabil and will be released.

Nabil took to his Tumblr account to share a photo of himself in the creation process and the photo has a short but sweet caption revealing that the long rumored Watch The Throne book Kanye West and Jay-Z fans have been waiting for is on the way.

Nabil‘s previous work includes Kanye West‘s Glow In The Dark tour book which he was also a part of and documented.

The beans were first spilled by Nabil last year in an interview with a french magazine:

“As usual, Kanye asked me to come with him on the tour and to document it. We’ve been around the world … It was crazy. We then published a book of photos on the tour. Recently, Kanye has asked me to accompany him on tour Watch the Throne. We will definitely make a book after this tour, too.”

Check out the photo Nabil shared, along with it’s teasing caption after the break.

Nabil Says Kanye West & Jay-Z's Watch The Throne Book Is Coming