50  Cent received his boxing promoter license today in Nevada. Earlier this year Curtis was granted the right to promote fights in the state of New York. ESPN has the story below.

50 Cent — Curtis Jackson is the real name of the rap star — intended to promote under the company name of TMT Promotions — The Money Team — with good pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, they had a falling out after Mayweather did not come up with the share of the money that Jackson said he had promised to put into the company.

So last month Jackson applied for the license under the name of his new company, SMS Promotions, and his application was approved in a 5-0 vote of the commission, as long as he provides three more pieces of information to the commission, which had already received an extensive application packet.

Jackson and attorney Leon Margules, who were at the meeting, promised to provide the commission with what it still wanted within a week — two years’ worth of Jackson’s income tax returns, a financial statement listing the fighters SMS has under contract and a letter stating that the assets that had been in TMT’s name are now in SMS’s name.

For the right kind of money 50 Cent would even get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. I know I’d watch that on PPV.