In newly surfaced footage from the BET Hip Hop Awards, 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew can be seen jumping Gunplay after he goes to sneak attack 50 Cent. In the clip security can also be seen spraying mace in the direction of 50‘s crew, further backing up Mike Knox‘s recent claims that he was sprayed with mace before Gunplay attacked him in the previous fight video, and proving that Gunplay has been telling lies regarding what really happened to the media.

While the video may not be of it’s best quality, onlookers can be heard speaking on what happened, backing up what 50 said in deleted tweets that Gunplay went on to attack him, he gave him a hook, and his crew had his back. How Gunplay still made it out of there on his own two feet is beyond me.

Watch the newly surfaced fight video from the BET Hip Hop Awards after the jump.