Watch Nicki Minaj Twerk To Celebrate Her Latest Accomplishment

Nicki Minaj has beat Aretha Franklin’s Billboard Hot 100 record and she’s celebrating the only way she knows how. With her ASSets. The female rapper took to Instagram to share a video shaking her booty in celebration.

Nicki Minaj holds 76 total Billboard Hot 100 entries. This is the most for any female artist and tops Aretha Franklin’s previous record of 73. Nicki reached this record after releasing 3 new singles, “No Frauds“, “Regret In Your Tears“, and “Changed It“.

Congrats Nicki, but you’re making us feel like we won here.

Nicki Minaj will likely get Billboard Hot 100 entry 77 soon. Friday, March 24th, David Guetta is releasing “Light My Body Up” which features both Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.