It’s very rare that a musical guest gets more shine than a host on Saturday Night Live, but last night Nicki Minaj did just that. Not only did Nicki Minaj completely outshine Jessie Eisenberg who hosted, but she starred in the funniest skits of the night.

Nicki Minaj appeared in a digital short with The Lonely Island before even performing, with the music video for “Creep.” Creep isn’t just a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. It’s The Lonely Island’s new comedy rap single, which is already available for purchase on iTunes. Her appearance on the song was very surprising but great nonetheless, I loved it.

Then Mrs. Minaj performed for the first time of the night with her Pink Friday single “Right Thru Me,” featuring cotton candy hair.

Afterward she appeared in a skit alongside Kenan Thompson as “Blackenstein’s Wife,” which was mainly based around her booty. Hilarious.

If that wasn’t enough Nicki already, the Harajuku Barbie then went on to perform her new single “Moment 4 Life.” No Drake appearance though. Boo.

After her booty shaking outro, Nicki Minaj then took to twitter to thank the SNL cast and her fans for tuning in.

All her performances and skits from tonight can also be viewed in our video section. They work on mobile devices too!