Straight Outta Compton

The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter features Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and the cast of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton on the cover. In the issue Dr. Dre and Ice Cube talk about Eazy-E, Suge Knight‘s murder trial, and we’re teased about a possible tour with Eminem and more.

“I was there. But I was just leaving, so I didn’t know what happened until I was halfway home,” says Dre, who shares his Brentwood mansion with his wife of 19 years, Nicole Young. “I heard about it over the phone. Everybody was supportive everywhere we went, and we didn’t have one issue throughout the entire filming of the movie. It’s crazy that this happened during the f—ing filming of the commercial.”

Cube, who wasn’t on the set, takes a more philosophical view. “It’s the dangerous part of living in South Central,” he says. “Some people don’t care if you’re making a movie or not. It’s unfortunate because the movie is so good, so creative, so many talented people involved.” “It’s just a really unfortunate incident,” says Dre. “Maybe [Knight] was looking for trouble. I don’t know.”

On Eazy-E:

Eazy was a genius when it comes to entertainment and promoting and understanding what people want,” Ice Cube says. “He’s one of the most courageous dudes I ever met,” Ice Cube adds in the video, “and hopefully this is a tribute to him and what he built.”

“Eazy is the reason why this thing really worked,” Dr. Dre says in the exclusive clip.

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube Talk “Straight Outta Compton” With NWA Biopic Cast

NWA Reunion tour with Eminem

Controversy or no controversy, Langley is so gung ho about the film that her studio is planning on doing something nobody in the rap world thought was possible — reuniting N.W.A for a European tour to promote the movie, with Eminem (who performs on the film’s soundtrack, along with Dre and Kendrick Lamar) sitting in as an honorary member. “We don’t have anything settled yet with everyone’s schedules,” she says. “But we think it can create a lot of buzz.”

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