Check Out The Cover Art And Tracklist For “The Hangover” By Obie Trice

Obie Trice is releasing a new album titled The Hangover on August 7, 2015. For the project Obie Trice collaborated with artists such as Young Buck, Estelle, Drey Skonie and more. Check out the cover art for The Hangover above and see the track titles below.

1. Intro
2. Chuuuurch
3. Bruh Bruh
4. Obie’s Tidal
5. So High (Feat. Drey Skonie)
6. Good Girls
7. Dealer (Feat. Young Buck & Tone Tone)
8. GMA (The Speech)
9. So Long (Feat. Gwenation)
10. P8tience (Feat. P8tience)
11. Same S**t (Feat. Young Zeether)
12. Detroit State of Mind (Feat. J-Nutty)
13. Bang
14. I’m Home (Feat. Estelle)