Listen to “Truth 2 Power” by Obie Trice

Obie Trice returns with his new single “Truth 2 Power.” The song is about gay men in Hip Hop. Speaking on the song, this is what Obie had to say:

“Look i have nothing against gay men, this dont mean im not opinionated… if i can be called a Nigga , you can be called a Fruit.. what i dont respect is undercover gay men in the hiphop industry …My mix & mastering guy wouldnt work on this record due to his social environment , which includes gay friends!! Why am i explaining because for 200 yrs we got no explanation so why Not!! Throughout the song it may sound contradictory to what im saying, but my point is undercover gay men in Hiphop should speak their Truth .. Cant say nothing about the gays but if you get caught with a Transgender evrybody got something to Say maaannn Fuck yall!!! Take it as you may!! Trice!!!”