In Yonkers, New York before heading to his album’s listening session, 2 Chainz shot the visual for his new single “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West. The video for 2 ChainzBased On A T.R.U. Story single will feature Kanye West chowing down on some pancakes, clowns getting attacked, funky looking cars being chased by midgets, liquor and of course some bad b*tches whom I’m assuming will take place in a bad b*tch contest. Hell, maybe one of the lovely ladies featured will even take first place.

Some of 2 Chainz and Kanye‘s friends decided to show up on set including Jordin Sparks and Tyler, The Creator. It’s unknown whether the two will have a roll in the video, but with all the crazy stuff that took place on set we listed above, they just may.

After the break take a gander at many exclusive photos and a short video from the set featuring 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Jordin Sparks, some sexy ladies and more.

[wpspoiler name=”Click here to watch a video from the set” ]