Online flirting is a great way to start up new connections, build on your confidence and get dates with potential partners. It can certainly be a lot easier to flirt online than in real life as you are somewhat detached from the social cues and emotions that surround you, especially if you are a celebrity. Trying to establish, a rendezvous, a naughty date, or even bbw dating, or just a hook up is hard enough for us ‘normal’ folk, but what if you’re in the eyes of the media, a star that’s always watched and living in celebrity lala land.

The world we live in is rapidly changing, whether we like it or not. Technology is driving us forward and re-mapping everything we used to know about finding love, or even simply meeting new people. This must be ten times harder being a celebrity, knowing who you can trust and rely on must be very difficult, especially in the early stages of a relationship. The online dating scene has exploded across the lives of so many people and generations looking for love. However, as the younger generation are brought up with this technology there is a steep learning curve for many people looking for that perfect partner online, and that includes celebrities.

There has been much said recently about how black people are using the internet and social media more readily to find partners. The traditional approaches to meeting new people, finding partners and building relationships are slowly starting to become abandoned for modern technology. Examples in the use of Twitter, and Facebook has accelerated how people meet other people, and interestingly the U.S. Census says African Americans are the ethnic group least likely to marry but with dating and match making now more readily available perhaps online dating is the place to turn the tables around, if its good enough for the celebs its good enough for us.

Celebrity Users

It’s well known that stars like Adele, Halle Berry and Ronda Rousey have turned to online matchmaking sites to help them in their quest for love. In fact Ronda Rousey created an alter ego called Brynn Campbell across social media to help boost her chances and get to know someone for who they really are. Celebs are just like us, online dating isn’t for the faint of heart, and as we do they need a little helping hand every now and then. However, there are just as many pitfalls available to fall into online, regardless of how famous the user is.

Cost of Love

To help us regular users and celebrity users alike find the perfect match online you may well have to consider paying. When you first turn to an online dating site the natural reaction is to download an app or site that’s free of charge. But this common mistake believe it or not dilutes the ‘quality’ of people you are trying to meet. Of course, spending money to increase your chances on a dating site may not be a problem for a celebrity user; they can then use the site in the safe knowledge that other members on that site have also paid meaning the people there are serious about finding potential partners. Celebrities who are serious about finding love don’t waste their time flirting and building a rapport with someone who downloaded it for a laugh. Take Matthey Perry for example, he has been reported on multiple paid dating sites which include and, if this is the case then you can clearly see what type of potential partner he’s looking for!

Star Security

For all of us using online dating sites security should be our top priority. Using names, addresses, email information, financial figures online all point to a disaster waiting to happen. This can be especially serious for a celebrity using online dating sites as leaked information can ruin lives as well as careers. When you have potentially met someone you are interested in it doesn’t take long to get excited and start sharing information. A common mistake our star studded users make when dating online is divulging way too much personal information. A classic case is the hacking of popular dating site Ashley Madison, and the people behind releasing the profiles of some well-known celebrity users. 
Keep your guard up, be flirty and curious at the same time but do not let the person know all of your intricate details will help you keep secure. Identify fraud and online leaking of celebrity information is rife at the moment, and it’s not just celebrity users that are targeted. Be safe out there, and have fun looking for love!