Listen To “Stoked” By Pac Div

After releasing “First Baptist” and announcing an album of the same name last week, their first project in over 6 years,  Pac Div are back again. Today they release another single titled “Stoked” and announce 1st Baptist drops on April 13th.

They explain the project to XXL:

“The inspiration for the song has to do with the familiar feeling of being out wit your boys at a dope event with some money in your pocket enough not to be broke,” Mibbs tells XXL. “Stoked means being fully charged up for a good time,” BeYoung adds.

Along with the new single, Pac Div have also announced their upcoming album, 1st Baptist. Set to release on April 13, the 10-track project will feature the group’s trademark “rangy” sound and West Coast influences, Mibbs tells XXL. “This is just a collection of songs to get fans ready for the next album and projects,” he adds.

“1st Baptist is unapologetically Pac Div,” says BeYoung, “It’s the re-indoctrination of Pac Div.” As for the meaning behind the title, Mibbs says, “It’s called 1st Baptist because hearing the Div at any point is like hearing the gospel of rap.”

Listen to the record below.