Pharrell Williams has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Diageo North America for their failed deal on Qream liquor.

AllHipHop reports, Pharrell Williams PW Licensing LLC sued the company for failing to distribute and promote the liquor marketed as a high-end drink for women.

Pharrell claims that in July 2012, Diageo shut down Qream without warning after two years of promotions. He also alleges that sales were “substantially lower” because they targeted the wrong demographic with their advertising. He says they targeted the club crowd while he was trying to appeal to the upscale market. He wasn’t finished firing shots there either, he also went on to say that the company produced faulty tops on the bottles that impacted bartenders and “consumers’ willingness to use the product.”

Pharrell Williams turned away other concrete opportunities to collaborate with other alcoholic beverage distributors on a partnership, in favor of proceeding with Diageo,” reads the lawsuit.