50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather no longer like each other. There have been rumors of the two engaging in fist fights behind the scenes in the past, and now with their beef hitting social media and going public, it leaves us wondering…who would win a fight: 50 Cent or Floyd Mayweather?

50 Cent isn’t a professional boxer, but he has the build to be one. He’s also survived being shot 9 times, so we know he’s a tough guy. Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer and arguably one of the best of all time, with an untouched undefeated streak. 50 Cent is much bigger than Floyd, and his size could make a difference if they fought…

So, who do you think would win if they fought? 50 Cent or Floyd Mayweather? Vote below.


Last week 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to an ALS/ESL reading challenge, to which Floyd Mayweather didn’t respond. Unless you count how he showed off his big pay day checks on Instagram with the caption “read this.”

50 Cent uploaded a picture mocking Floyd once again, with a caption that says if he wants to fight he’ll soon be in Vegas… So maybe a fight might actually happen.

floyd mayweather love letter to tiny

@floydmayweather I love you like a brother. Call fanny, and tawana your sister’s love your crazy ass.check on Devon you are forgetting the people who matter boy. If you want to fight I’ll be in Vegas next week.#SMSaudio