Action Bronson Looks Startled By Popa Wu In Instagram Photo

If you thought the Ghostface and Action Bronson beef was over when Bam Bam issued an apology on Twitter, you thought wrong. Somewhere in New York yesterday Action Bronson was confronted by Wu-Tang affiliate Popa Wu about the slick remarks he said about Ghostface Killah.

As of now all we have is the photo above and no real information about the altercation and what actually went down, but sources say he simply got checked.

One look at the expression on Action Bronson‘s face tells me something serious went down.

UPDATE: According to several sources this all went down outside the wake of the late Sean Price. Apparently Popa Wu and at least 10 other men crowded around Action Bronson at the time the photo was taken. Still no official word on everything that went down.

We’ll update you if anything more comes of this.