Drake Remixes Unknown Toronto Rapper’s “Sweeterman” Single

Have you ever heard “Sweeterman” by Ramriddlz? The song dropped last year, but it wasn’t until today we got blessed with a hilarious music video for “Sweeterman.” You probably never heard the record — shit I haven’t until today, but Drake apparently is up on it. It holds hilarious lines such as “shes a screamer, she can’t handle my weiner” and “she follow me on Insta G, she wants my Insta D.” For those lines alone its worth checking out. So watch the official music video for it below.

Hilarious right? Well things are about to get greater. Drake apparently likes “Sweeterman” by rap upstart Ramriddlz and has already recorded a remix. Yep, Drizzy is about to give Ramriddlz the ultimate cosign.

Listen to a leaked snippet of Drake‘s take on “Sweeterman“:

UPDATE: Listen to Drake’s full version of “Sweeterman.”