Haven’t had enough “Gangnam Style“? Then prepare yourself for the remix, which is set to feature Grammy nominated rapper 2 Chainz and Diplo production.

K-Pop artist PSY blew up onto the scene and became an overnight sensation, thanks to a YouTube video for his song “Gangnam Style.” Now the Korean hit maker is looking to cash in on the remix, which according to mixtape legend and on-air personality Clinton Sparks will feature “Spend It” and “No Lie” hit maker 2 Chainz.

A tweet from Diplo teased a collaboration between the three was in the works earlier in the week, but now thanks to Clinton it’s confirmed the three worked on a Gangnam Style Remix which is expected to be released very soon. Stay tuned to Rap Dose to hear the Gangnam Style Remix.

UPDATE: The official Gangnam Style Remix has been released. Click here to listen to the Gangnam Style Remix Style by Psy featuring 2 Chainz and Tyga with production by Diplo.