Puff Daddy Releasing A Sequel To His 1997 Album, No Way Out 2

Diddy‘s long awaited #MMM album is now something bigger. A sequel to 1997’s No Way Out, titled No Way Out 2.

In a new video released exclusively to Apple Music documenting Puff Daddy and Pharrell in the studio creating “Finna Get Loose,” artwork showcasing Diddy‘s hand doing a peace sign (actually making the number 2 with his fingers) can be seen on multiple monitors in the background. The art is for Puffy‘s forthcoming album, NWO 2.

Puff Daddy & The Family No Way Out 2

If you haven’t seen the video, it opens with the number 2 in roman numerals and we see Puffy and Pharrell craft the instrumental for their new single. It’s actually a pretty cool look at how the record was put together. The No Way Out 2 title isn’t displayed in the clip or mentioned at all and a Google search returned no results, so nobody really knew what the roman numerals meant and the title reveal was hard to pick up on.

After doing some research (it wasn’t hard really) I noticed Apple sent the video out with a mysterious #NWOII hashtag and even labeled the video on their new streaming platform with the short acronym. It was easy to tell what that stood for once I pieced this all together. No Way Out 2. You can forget that #MMM title ever existed.

Puff Daddy and The Family will be going on tour soon as well, Diddy revealed on his Instagram account in a video with Mase, Faith Evans and even professional umbrella holder, Fonzworth Bentley.

NWO 2 does not currently have a set release date but its rumored that Puff Daddy & The Family have been working close with new producers and producers that have helped craft some of Bad Boy’s biggest hits for the album. This has me excited.

UPDATE: Here is the NWOII: The Producer clip from Apple Music.