It’s a sad day in Hip Hop.

G.O.O.D. Music rapper and one half of The Clipse, Pusha T, cut off his braids. Today we mourn the loss of the iconic braided hair which many believe kept Pusha T spitting fire for so long.

pusha t braids

In an Instagram post Pusha T shared a photo of himself at a spa in Hong Kong covered in some form of facial paste. In a caption he revealed that he cut his braids off. “Just cut my braids off, now it’s time for my 2500 dollar facial,Pusha T wrote. Lets hope the severed braids were placed in glass for a display at the Smithsonian.

It’s currently unknown what Pusha T looks like without his braids, but when a picture surfaces we’ll let you know.

For now lets shed a couple tears while we watch Pusha T‘s braids in motion in these classic videos…