DJ Booth caught up with Talib Kweli for a Q&A session, in which he defines a “Gutter Rainbow.”

DJ Booth:

A rainbow is created when the sun shines on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. How are Gutter Rainbows created?

Talib Kweli:

Gutter Rainbows are created because light waves that travel at different distances before being reflected create a spectrum of color when mixed together. Oil in the street is spread at different levels of thickness, so when the sun hits it and reflect off it, we see different colors. It’s a beautiful metaphor for the hood.

Gutter Rainbows is available for pre-order (Standard | Deluxe) on iTunes now. Get it January 25th at select digital retailers.

Update: Stream Gutter Rainbows on Myspace!

Source: Rap Radar