R. Kelly Doesn’t Want To Talk About Sex With Minors, He Just wants To Talk About Music & McRibs

Just like many thought would happen, R. Kelly wasn’t feeling his ask-me-anything interview with Huffington Post today and decided to walk out after being faced with questions that didn’t have anything to do with his new music.

Huffington Post basically continued to interrogate R. Kelly instead of ask him questions about music and his new album, The Buffet. R. Kelly didn’t want to talk about controversy or past sexual allegations and he walked off the interview.

When asked how he would respond to fans who are hesitant to support the album due to his controversial history, Kelly’s message is simple: “F**k that.”

“You can’t satisfy everybody,” he continued. “I will continue to do my job until I get fired, and the only people who can fire me are my fans.”

Rather than let the negativity he was faced with get to him, Kellz calmly walked off to pursue a McRib from McDonalds.