Yesterday, I was given the news that my creation (Rap Dose) was featured in The Source magazine’s Power 30 issue with Drake featured on the cover which is on newsstands now. When I first heard the news I didn’t even believe it because I’ve been a fan of the magazine nearly my whole life, and never imagined being actually being featured in it. But I guess my creation (Rap Dose) is something dope, because I’ve seen the magazine today and it is in-fact featured in The Source magazine and we came in at #25 on their FIRST EVER Power 30 digital.

Being #25 on The Source’s list I consider a real accomplishment, and I will be framing this issue and placing it somewhere special. Many thanks to everybody who visits the site, tells people about it and supports us. To everybody at The Source who recognized us and placed us on the list, we’re grateful. Rap Dose hasn’t even been open one year yet, but we’re already being featured in one of Hip Hop’s top outlets? I hate to sound so six months ago, but that’s winning! Rap Dose 2 will launch in the next week or two. Subscribe to The Source if you don’t already, here. Major shout out to everybody else who made the list as-well, you all deserve it too! Magazine image after the jump.

rapdose featured in the source magazine power 30 digital

25. RapDose
This site, while still in its relative infancy, has come a long way in a short time. With its unique video player and aesthetics, RD looks to continue to increase in popularity in the upcoming months.

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