If you haven’t noticed, everybody is doing the Shmoney Dance. Even the Olympic US Men’s Basketball team performed the Shmoney Dance when they won Gold medals. 20-year old Bobby Shmurda is the one to thank for that. His single Hot Nigga, released on July 25, 2014 and has since then hit the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The young rapper and innovator has cosigns from essentially the whole industry and he’s not even allowed to consume alcohol legally yet.

Bobby Shmurda‘s future is looking bright. I, Chris Iqal, asked him his thoughts on issues and what to expect from his début studio album.

A brief talk with Bobby Shmurda…

bobby shmurda

Instagram photo of Bobby Shmurda

Rap Dose: Where you at right now?

Bobby Shmurda: I’m in Manhattan right now. I’m in New York. I love it here.

Rap Dose: Where did you grow up?

Bobby Shmurda: In Brooklyn, New York.

Rap Dose: During that time, what music were you listening to? Like growing up?

Bobby Shmurda: I was listening to all types of music; I was that kid that always had the radio on. Gangsta, Pop, Rap, all of it.

Rap Dose: OK, so when did you start rapping and actually getting involved with music yourself?

Bobby Shmurda: I made my first record like 2006. After that, I started really getting involved around that time.

Rap Dose: How old are you now?

Bobby Shmurda: I just turned 20.

bobby shmurda photo

Bobby Shmurda // Photo Credit: Justin Hogan

Rap Dose: So your most notable record “Hot N***a” went completely viral this summer. It’s produced by Jahlil Beats. Can you tell me how, you know, just your thoughts on what the song has become now, as far as people remixing it and it just being used … you must be hearing it on the radio daily?

Bobby Shmurda: I love it. I love it. I love to hear that feedback. I love to hear everybody do their own version. I love it!

Rap Dose: The official Hot Nigga remix is out, which features; Fabolous, Jadakiss, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Rowdy Rebel & Yo Gotti. How did you fall on those artists for the official remix or did they reach out to you?

Bobby Shmurda: Their people reached out to me and that’s how it happened. Crazy

Rap Dose: So how did the Shmoney Dance come about?

Bobby Shmurda: We were just in the back having fun, that’s it, you know. It’s about making money, making a little money, being happy, like a celebration dance. It’s a celebration to money.

Rap Dose: Exactly. It makes sense because you look hella happy when you do it. I see people do it and it’s funny to see different versions, you know? I haven’t seen anybody perfect it quite like, you, the originator. The dance has traveled across the globe at this point, I mean; you got people in the club, out here in LA doing it nonstop, no lie.

Bobby Shmurda: That’s what’s up. Man, I love that. Yeah, I love to see anybody do that dance. Anytime I go out and see it, puts a smile on my face.

bobby shmurda jahlil beats

Bobby Shmurda in the studio with “Hot Nigga” produced Jahlil Beats

Rap Dose: Can you talk about your relationship with Jahlil Beats? How did you start working with him? How did you get him for the single?

Bobby Shmurda: Yeah, one day, I was on the internet looking through beats. I found the beat and was trying to get contact. He called me one day, told me, “it’s yours.” I bought it and there you go.

Rap Dose: I mean, personally, I think people sleep on Jahlil Beats big time. He’s one of the hottest young producers out. You know, with an original style. Is he going to be on your debut album?

Bobby Shmurda: He might be, he might be.

Bobby Shmurda: But, you know, he works hard. It’s all about business with Jahlil.

Rap Dose: Who’s someone who you’ve always wanted to work with? Either dead or alive?

Bobby Shmurda: Tupac, Jay-Z, Puffy, 50, Snoop, Pharrell, Michael Jackson, man just a couple of the greats man.

Rap Dose: Alright, name somebody that you’ve met recently whose … who you looked up to growing up that you’re just surprised, like, damn, like, I’m actually meeting this person? Like, they know me.

Bobby Shmurda: Busta Rhymes. And Jadakiss. Growing up I was a huge fan of both rappers.

Rap Dose: What was the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Bobby Shmurda: Don’t stop, won’t stop.

Rap Dose: Yeah.

Bobby Shmurda: You heard me? Don’t stop, won’t …

Rap Dose: Simple, but extremely effective.

Bobby Shmurda: Yeah. That’s my motto right there, don’t stop, won’t stop.

Rap Dose: Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Rap Dose: When’s the next time you’re going to be out in L.A.? You starting a tour?

Bobby Shmurda: Hopefully by the end of this month or next month. We working on it now.

Bobby Shmurda took the summer by storm, now he will keep the winter hot. Just watch. Look for his début album likely to drop in 2015. Remember, Shmoney Dance or die.