An Extremely Based Conversation With ILoveMakonnen

Life is weird. One day you could be completely stressed out and feel like nothing ever works out and the next thing you know, Drake releases a remix to your latest record. This is exactly what happened this past Monday night for Atlanta artist ILoveMakonnen. Drake introduced a new remix to a highly infectious and very based song called “Club Going Up On A Tuesday”. The name ILoveMakonnen might be an unknown to you at the moment, but I assure you his music will be in your life sooner or later. I asked the young, new wave genius a few personal questions. Get to know the life of ILoveMakonnen and make sure to play his music this weekend at the party.

Your style sound and overall swag is eclectic. Where does it all come from?

It comes from the world, being a part of different places and races. I’m into all types of culture so I just take what I feel is best from them and kinda incorporate with what I’m doing.

Your latest single “Club going up on a Tuesday”, is way ahead of its time. Talk about the song from inception to completion.

Well the song came from being in the studio on a Monday night that turned into an early Tuesday morning and I was ready to party, so the whole the concept came from just having no time on the weekend to party and just having a club go up on a Tuesday.

And what are your thoughts on when you heard young Drake wanted to throw a verse on it?

I was honored and very in awe of it. It was just the most amazing thing that could have happened at the moment. I was having a very stressful Monday this time around — then the remix dropped out of nowhere and it was the best Tuesday ever!


Musician ILoveMakonnen smiles in a photo. Listen to “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday Remix” featuring Drake

How did you link with producers Sonny Digital and MetroBoomin?

I met Metro at a studio one day in March and he was going to SXSW and said he would call me when he came back in town, so he came back to Atlanta and called me over to his house to record some songs. We made 6 songs that same day. Then around the 3rd song Sonny Digital came and we started on club going up on a Tuesday from scratch and made the song plus others. TM88 and Southside of 808 mafia were there also and we all exchanged numbers. Days later I went to Sonny Digital’s house and made I Don’t Sell Molly No More and our chemistry just clicked and the rest is history. Lol.

If you had to create a genre specifically for your sound what would it be called?

Travel Music.

What albums would I find on your iPod right now?

Right now it’s Crystal Castles (III), Karl X Johan Flames, Phantom Posse Vol.1 / Vol. 2 and the rest is ILoveMakonnen at the moment.

Would you say your music is more unique than what is being created in Atlanta right now? (Because to me you have such a different and fresh sound that you should have no problem going global)

I think so, but I feel like I’m the first of a new sound that’s emerging out of the city, and I’m pretty excited about it and to go global myself!

The most recent project you have released is a self-titled EP. I must say that I have played it front to back at least 10 times. Highly doubt I’m the only one. What is an album that you couldn’t stop playing childhood or now?

Ha ha! Wow! That’s great! Hmm the album I used to play all the time was Jay Z vol. 3 Life and Times of Sean Carter.

What is one goal you wish to accomplish in life?

I want to win an academy award!!!!!

I am confident as long as you continue to pursue your dreams and create what makes you happy, you will definitely get an academy award. Don’t let an uneducated or lame person dictate the way you create. Work Hard and Flourish.


ILoveMakonnen poses with a mannequin head that would make Al Snow jealous.

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