Ah, list season… the time of the year where all websites with enough perseverance and personality go into overdrive. We take a moment to sit and reflect on what we’ve received this year from the culture we hold dear, resulting in various perspectives from numerous platforms; all to satisfy those who check in to hear (or see, I suppose) the insight of bloggers, editors and thinkers alike. Opinions are met with debates and controversy, uproars and emotions. Two years back, Kenny and I came together to create our own yearly form of expression, simply defined as our wrap up with 5 tracks each. One year later, we expanded and developed the concept further, bringing in our ultimate post maniac Kyle, and a special guest to complete what would be the Wrap Up 2.0, with more than just the basics to cover. Now? As we enter our 3rd year, we have a Woman’s touch added to the mix as RD’s Queen Sabrina joins in for her first year. We are proud to bring you the RapDoseWrapUp for 2013, complete with the top 5 Features, Moments, Artists, Albums, And Tracks of the year, with a little shame sprinkled in for the horrible things we might’ve encountered along the way. More diverse content than ever.

If you tuned in last year, you know the rules: One category per day. This year, however… things have been altered a bit. In addition to our top 5 choices in the field, we will also include Up to 5 of the worst things we’ve seen in the year as well. Quite frankly because, who doesn’t like a good roast? Now that’s enough from me, like we always do at this time… We present to you, The RapDose Wrap Up.