It’s that time again. This week for our “Tracks Of The Week” we got a special guest blogger contributing her current favorite track. She goes by the name Karla “HustleGRL” Moy, and if you heard of Drake, you most likely heard of her. Karla is known for her popular site “All Things Fresh” which is Drake’s official fan site. Karla “HustleGRL” Moy is also an inspiring young talent, who is great at social media, design, photography and more. For more information about her or to see her daily blog, click here.

With that being said, this week we have selected music from various artists such as: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay Electronica, Nas, Waka Flocka and more. Continue reading for our selections with brief reasoning to why we selected each track featured as our track of the week.

Special Guest: Karla “HustleGRL” Moy – Twitter

Whether you’re into strip clubs or not, you’ll love Waka Flocka’s “Round of Applause”. That’s my track of the week and it features no one other than the face of October’s Very Own, Drake! I didn’t really like the song when it first premiered but it grew on me over time. Then, the dirty radio edit came out, and it was a wrap after that. I’m currently listening to “Round of Applause” as I type this blog entry and it will probably still be playing after I’m done. Instead of having a “hood” sound, “Round of Applause” has an admirable hook that is definitely radio friendly. The repetitive words make the hook easy to memorize which often puts you in a situation where you’ll find yourself unwillingly singing the hook (that’s exactly how I started to like the song).

Lex Luger is known for his signature sound when it comes to his production but with “Round of Applause”, he found a way to switch things around. Drake’s verse adds a touch to the song because listening to Waka’s loud flow can get irritating at times. With three verses and a catchy hook, “Round of Applause” is guaranteed to climb the Billboard Rap charts. I’m excited to hear this song on radio as I wind down my car’s windows. Waka Flocka’s “Round of Applause” is the perfect song to turn on in the club, in the car, in your high school’s cafeteria, at a wet t-shirt contest and after you’ve finished writing your midterms. Don’t believe me? Try it.

P.S. Shout outs to KY Finis for engineering this single.

Kenny – Twitter

Yep, “Make Me Proud” is my this weeks choice for track of the week. I’ll probably be harassed for choosing this already because it hasn’t even been out for twenty-four hours, but there is no denying good music. Before “Make Me Proud” dropped, this was a good week for music with many new releases from everybody ranging from Nas, Mobb Deep, Rick Ross, Slaughterhouse to Jay Electronica. The difference between everything that dropped and this Drake single is that I’ve had this on repeat since it dropped. The other songs released this week didn’t quite relate to me or make me feel that energy I feel when I know I’m listening to something good. Listening to “Make Me Proud” I know I’m listening to something good that I can relate to, because it makes me feel, well, proud. I’m relating to this track greatly right now, because I’m proud of myself. This week was an incredible week for me and Rap Dose as a whole.

“Make Me Proud” is a solid radio friendly single, but it’s something that is good beyond radio. The song itself doesn’t sound forced into being something radio friendly like most singles released these days are. It’s good on a musical level as-well as a mainstream level. It is something you can listen to at home relaxing or listening to on full blast socially. The beat is spectacularly done by T-Minus and Drake is rapping/singing over the inspirational instrumental perfectly. Nicki Minaj however isn’t bad on the song, but the song feels more down Drake’s road than it does hers. I plan on listening to “Make Me Proud” more as the days pass by and have already loaded it up on my iPhone. This song made me have more interest in the recently delayed Take Care album and I’m interested greatly in what else Drake will offer on there creatively.

Time Freeman – Twitter

Between the new Jay Electronica that released earlier this week that highly disappointed the majority, the Heist orchestrated by Nas and Ross that stole the attention of most, and recently the onslaught of lyrical power that came with Slaughterhouse showing they are the illest, I was left with a difficult choice but ultimately I had to choose the track that I played the most. That said, this should count right? The audio from one of the greatest cyphers I have ever seen has managed to keep my attention more than anything else. The entire Shady team proves to be untouchable lyrically but with Budden’s massacre in his lyricism (who was my personal favorite), Royce’s catchy “Hi Rihanna” flow and of course Eminem’s offensive yet skillfully placed lyrics, this is my track of the week without a doubt.

Levar – Twitter

With Dark Man X, seemingly, working hard on making a full fledged comeback, I found myself listening to his first album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, and the one track which has kept me going all this week has been “Get At Me Dog”. This song can easily describe my week thus far, but I digress. “Get At Me Dog” hit the airwaves in 1998 and switched the whole tone of the rap game at that time. It brought that grimy street sound back to the forefront and marked the beginning of the Double R era. Hopefully, DMX & Swizz Beatz will recreate this sound on his forthcoming album in 2012.

Kate – Twitter

Obviously I am going to pick “Make Me Proud”. There is no denying that I am a devoted Drake fan and love Nicki just as much. I am truly proud of Drake and that is why I love this song so much only after hearing it 15 times in the last hour, it is now my favorite song from Drake. He is like a chameleon, he has so many different ways of expressing and delivering his music. T-Minus is a beast, this beat is insane and Nicki will always deliver. Make sure to find Take Care in stores on November 15th and Drake will be making a appearance on SNL this weekend. So so so so so so proud of you.

B Wayne – Twitter

Literally almost had an aneurysm when I saw this creep across my timeline late last night. Nasir sounds hungry as hell and if he keeps bringing us bangers like this, he’s gonna eat soon. The flow is absolutely unscathed and unstoppable. On some Streets Disciple sh*t. Salaam Remi provides a thumping, dramatic canvas for Esco and Rawse to trade their lyrical barbs. Never did I think that in 2011, I’d hear that Maybach Music intro and almost forget Rozay was on the track, for a hot minute. This joint ain’t even 48 hours old, and it’s already skyrocketing up my “Most Played” on iTunes. N-N-N-N-N-Nas Back Music.

Hype – Twitter

My track this week is Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”. This is honestly a song that might never get old because it’s that good. Right now it has 114 plays in my iTunes and the 114th listen sounded just as fresh as the first one. Add all of that to the anticipation and release of “Call of Duty” with Mobb Deep this week (even though it was a disappointment), I found myself coming back to this record time and time again. There’s no doubt that Jay Elect is an extremely talented artist, and even if you had never heard of him, “Exhibit C” is more than enough to convince you of that, but we just need more music.

Trill – Twitter

Alot of great music this week I must say, but this right here….THIS RIGHT HERE!! First of all, one of the hardest beats I’ve heard in a very long time. With beats like these, 50 never disappoints, “Still on that gutta sh*t, forever on that gutta sh*t”, Make you wanna go 93mph on the highway yelling “Get the f*ck outta here, kick, push”. Second, I’m sure 50 enjoyed making this track himself (Which is hard to say these days) but, this been on repeat from me from the day it dropped. Last but not least, the end of the song rant(s) are always hilarious, but this time it shows that 50 is really in the zone.

Native Boy – Twitter

This track “It’s A Tower Heist” was one of my favorites this week for a couple of reasons. I liked the production by Salaam Remi and how Nas was on point lyrically. Although, I disagree with many of the naysayers who said that Salaam ruins Nas’ songs. Nas’ flow and energy alongside Rick Ross’ up-beat flow compliment one another perfectly. This track fits well in my catalog of Nas music on iTunes.

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