Every Friday we select music from various artists for our “Tracks of the Week” with a brief write up on why we’re currently diggin’ our selected tracks. This week we featured acts such as: Roscoe Dash, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, T.I., G.O.O.D. Music and more. Continue reading for our selections with brief reasoning to why we selected each track we featured and as always, come back next Friday for more.

Kenny – Twitter

For this week’s track of the week, I can’t help but pick Roscoe Dash’s “Good Good Night”. When this song first released, I didn’t think much of it besides it being another obvious radio friendly single. Well, it’s obviously radio friendly, but that doesn’t mean I won’t like it.

The other day I was just relaxing, watching MTV Jams, and suddenly the video for Roscoe Dash’s “Good Good Night” came on TV. That’s when my love for this radio friendly party track blossomed. The video is excellent and the timing for the costume party theme was perfectly executed, with Halloween coming up and all. But, I’m not here to talk about the video, which I like so much.

Roscoe Dash’s “Good Good Night” is a really good single. I’m not the biggest fan of poppy radio friendly rap songs, but when it’s executed well and you can’t get a hook out of your head, it’s a good thing right? After seeing the video and paying attention to the song, I bought this track on iTunes just a few days ago and since, my iTunes already has 191 plays. Yep, 191. It’s safe to say I’ve grown addicted to this track.

This song definitely isn’t about lyrics. It’s boring if you listen to it for the lyrics. “Good Good Night” is about that beat and extremely catchy hook/sample. I’ve still yet to find out what the sample is for the track, but when I do I’ll probably enjoy the song more or less. The beat is finely put together and is something that will make any atmosphere shake at the right volume.

Time Freeman – Twitter

It’s always a good thing to broaden your horizons and listen to more than just mainstream hip hop. There’s more to the musical world than what we hear on the radio and given the fact that we have blogs and the internet has created such a strong music-related presence, it’s practically an open field for both talent and torture. That said, the double edged sword that is the world wide web worked in our favor in delivering a hidden gem of an artist like J. Stylez. A MC/Producer on the rise, his lead single for his project Hurry Up… and Wait (which will be available November 11th) is a dope track that’s full of hunger and lyricism that shows in the future, he definitely is one to watch for. Don’t Sleep.

Levar – Twitter

For this installment of RapDose’s Track of the week, I have chosen Rick Rozay’s, Nicki Minaj assisted single, “You The Boss”, from his forthcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t. I didn’t expect to hear a song like this from the “bawse” but it is a welcomed surprised. I know it is a bit on the soft side but sometimes you need song like this in the car to create that soothing aura, especially with a female passenger. Besides that, how can you not love a song with hip-hop quotables such as “Fur coats in the winter, look like a polar bear. Stunting in the snow, these haters they can go somewhere. Indoor pool, outdoor pool, indoor court, talking Ray J moves!” Ha! OK, I’ll admit it is not exactly a classic line in the regular context of what we consider “classic”, but I always enjoy a good laugh when I hear that part of the song. It is obvious to everyone that Ross has been working a bit too hard as of late and it has affected his health. Hopefully, with some rest, he will be back on his feet soon and God Forgives, I Don’t will not be pushed back.

Kate – Twitter

‘Make My’ – The Roots is my pick of the week featuring Big K.R.I.T. The Khari Mateen produced beat, the landscape of live instruments & Big K.R.I.T’s assist make`s an amazing first single off their 13th album ‘Undun’ in stores December 6th. This album chronicles the life of Redford Stephens who passed away in 1999 at the age of 25. Who is Redford Stephens? this is yet to be revealed. This album will push there creativity beyond their musical boundaries. Questlove expresses his thoughts on the album in a recent press release.

“At this point in our career we’d like for our work to have a unifying theme, and an experiential quality. We’ve been intentionally making our albums shorter in length so that they can be experienced as a continuous work. The music is band-oriented with an eye on the moody cinematic. As a DJ, I am the King of playlists, but I don’t want our albums to feel like a playlist or a mixtape for that matter. We want to tell stories that work within the album format and we want the stories to be nuanced and useful to people. ‘Undun’ is the story of this kid who becomes criminal, but he wasn’t born criminal. He’s not the nouveau exotic primitive bug-eyed gunrunner like Tupac’s character Bishop in “Juice”… he’s actually thoughtful and is neither victim nor hero. Just some kid who begins to order his world in a way that makes the most sense to him at a given moment… At the end of the day… isn’t that what we all do?”

Not only are they busy with a full time gig on the Fallon show they are making this album that tells a deep story. They are one of the most creative bands of the generation adding soul, rock, r&b and rap. This song is so smooth it`s effortless to listen too. Just lean back, put your headphones on and vibe as Big K.R.I.T takes you along a bluesy verse that reveals the dark side of materialism and front man, Black Thought gives us a detailed verse where he speaks of death and trying to find the stairway to heaven.

“Tryin’ to control the fits of panic
Unwritten and unraveled, it’s the dead man’s pedantic
Whatever, see it’s really just a matter of semantics”

B Wayne – Twitter

Wale Folarin clearly is not playing around. On the latest single off “Ambition”, Wale drops yet another inspirational opus with Scott Mescudi doing his emo thang on the chorus. This Plain Pat beat knocks and has high school prospect mixtape on YouTube written all over it. If “Ambition” sounds like this, Wale might have an underrated album of the year candidate on his hands.

Hype – Twitter

Oh man, this is the reason I became a Lil Wayne fan in the first place. This is from a time before he even gave us two classic mixtapes in Tha Drought 3 and Dedication 2, which some might consider two of the best ever. Back when he was just spitting and not trying to come up with a punchline every other bar, or using autotune, or asking Shyne for a verse. This is simply Wayne at his best, and nothing else. Curren$y was signed to Cash Money back in 2005, and even though his verse on this track is not what he has come to be known for today, he stills flows impeccably over the beat. Mack Maine is the last one to spit, and he holds his own. When people complain about Weezy falling off, it’s because of tracks like this we get mad at what he has become. Hopefully he can regain this form on his upcoming projects with Juelz Santana and Drake, both of whom have done crazy songs with Wayne in the past.

Trill – Twitter

October 2007, everybody thought he was done, when he got out of prison a year later, he came back with “Fu*k a Mixtape” and the LP “No Mercy” I’m sure you all remember, right? But the 2nd time he got locked up and came back out, everybody, every T.I. fan asked the one question… “Since he is out of prison, what is he gonna rap about now?”. Well, folks. This track right here is what every fan has been waiting for. T.I. recently said he was gonna go back to his “Trap Muzik / I’m Serious” days lyrically and with this…HE. DID. This is how you come back, Of course in my opinion he shouldn’t have to explain himself to no one, but with Pharrell on the beat it let everything out. This shows that T.I. wants his crown back…for good. “Here Ye, Here Ye” is my track of the week.

Bryan – Twitter

From the moment Kanye West announced G.O.O.D. Music The Album this week I knew that I had already figured out my most anticipated album of 2012. Some of my favorite artists; Big Sean, Pusha-T, John Legend, and more, on the same album. Not just one or two songs, an entire album. G.O.O.D. Music isn’t the first to use this strategy to showcase their artists, with Young Money and Maybach Music using it before them, but there is something about the combination of Kanye’s artists that makes me excited for their compilation more than any others. This is largely due to the ‘G.O.O.D. Friday’ series of tracks that Kanye released throughout the later part of 2010. “Good Friday,” one of the tracks released, isn’t the best of the bunch and definitely not my favorite, but when the news dropped of the Good Music album, I went back and listened to this track and some of the other G.O.O.D. Friday tracks. It’s a song that really speaks volumes to what G.O.O.D. music is all about. Each artist delivers a solid verse, with Pusha-T’s probably being the strongest. Kid Cudi’s smooth but raspy vocals give a warm feeling to the track, but its Charlie Wilson who backs the whole track with his strong vocals. The beat also accentuates the mood and attitude of the artists; very up-beat. Kanye, please deliver your already highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music compilation as quickly as possible. The fans need it.

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