On Fridays, we usually post our tracks of the week on time, but due to a hectic past two days, I’m a little bit late to posting them and that’s why our picks are hitting Rap Dose on a Sunday. Anyway for this week we have selected tracks from artists such as Childish Gambino, Common, Wale, J. Cole and more. Dive in to our selections after the break.

Kenny – Twitter

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

This week I barely listened to music, because I was busy investing an unhealthy amount of my time playing Batman Arkham City and Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360, but when I did listen to music this week, it was mostly songs from Childish Gambino’s upcoming album Camp. The album is stellar and I can’t believe how good it turned out. If you aren’t a fan of Gambino, when this project drops, you will be.

My favorite song from the album, which I’m choosing as my track of the week is “Heartbeat”. This song starts out slow, with a bit of techno inspired sounds and Donald singing, but when Donald picks up, he raps about his relationship experience and delivers an impressive flow that is also witty at times, with lines such as “69 is the only dinner for two”. The song then ends with a powerful inspired verse which puts an emphasis on the songs entire subjects.

If you’re a rap fan, there is a good chance you heard Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak, and if you did you can probably agree with me when I say that that album had some crazy production. The production on “Heartbeat” is very reminiscent to something you would have heard on Kanye’s 2008 album, and “Heartbeat” to me definitely seems inspired by Kanye West because of that, but Donald Glover definitely holds his own on the track which makes it completely original in it’s own way and that’s why I’m choosing it as my track of the week.

I’ve only heard this song because we were given a review copy of the album and I’m unable to post the song at this current time, but you can hear the song when Camp drops November 15th. If you can’t wait, you can here a snippet of the song right now on Amazon. Check out our review of Camp here.

Time Freeman – Twitter

Being someone who love and studies Hip Hop from the days of Big Daddy Kane to A$AP Rocky, I knew I was only hurting myself by waiting as long as I did to hear the 2nd single off of Common’s next album, titled The Dreamer, The Believer but when I finally got the opportunity to hear it, I was gladly surprised when it surpassed my expectations. It’s never a bad thing when Common is putting out music for the people to enjoy and while everyone is expecting Take Care, I personally hope his project turns out to be the sleeper of the year. Common’s last true chokehold on the game was his 7th project, Finding Forever and I remember there was a certain feeling of unity within the Hip Hop universe, backpackers were satisfied by how catchy the beats were, while those looking for true content as a whole took satisfaction in Common’s always persistant abilities. With this track we get a hard hitting beat (courtesy of the great NO I.D, who’s showing the rookie producers out there you can still make great beats that don’t sound too pop) full of Common’s “shepherd to the sheep” type of flow, never in a condesending way but more of a guide to the real. Common released the track of the month in my opinion, not just the week with Blue Sky and I’m hoping the best is yet to come with his next effort.

Kate – Twitter

Obviously Cole World has been out for awhile now, I’ve been listening to it for hours on end this week and seeing the visual to Lost One’s really made an impression on me. I liked that he showed us both sides of the story from a man/woman’s perspective. I agree with quite a few fans and blogs that Cole World is an amazing first album from Cole. Every song is believable and tells a story. His lyricism is amazing and quite a few songs on the album really touched me. He connects with his listeners by sharing life experiences that he has been through, that makes this album easy to relate too. With that said…I’m going to get back to listening. Cole World, Dreamville!

B Wayne – Twitter

On the chorus of Jeezy’s latest TM103 single, he confidently proclaims “I don’t think they know the time?”

Funny, we’ve been the ones wondering the same about the Snowman since 2008. Does he know it’s been almost four years since his last LP, The Recession, brought extra heat to our summer? Does he know we’ve almost waited an entire 365 days for him to deliver a real solidified banger of a single for his third installment of Thug Motivation?

After much delay, it is clear that Jeezy has finally checked his watch. On “.38” Jeezy brings us that hard-hitting trap single we’ve been waiting for. Straight chopper in the car music. After the flop of “F.A.M.E.” and “Shake Life”, the Snowman finally goes back to his grimy roots, giving the streets what they want. Something to hold us down with two months to go until TM103’s release.

Jeezy finally knows the time.

Hype – Twitter

Cold Day In Hell is a project I’ve been looking forward to since last year when I downloaded that Str8 Killa No Filla mixtape. This project was supposed to drop on June 14th, but that didn’t pan out, and instead Gibbs teamed up with producer Statik Selektah to write, record, and mix an EP called Hell Hath No Fury in late June. If you’re not familiar with Gibbs, this track is a perfect example of his music. He’s from Gary, Indiana and you better believe he’s about that street life. He’s not scared to say what he means, including the time when he dissed Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and other members of MMG after they took shots at his boss, Young Jeezy. Cold Day In Hell will be out on Halloween, and it’s safe to say it’ll be a good day.

Trill – Twitter

Before I speak on my track of the week I want to thank the big homie Kenny for welcoming me to the staff (again) and shout out the whole crew…the real is on the rise, ha. As we are closing the books of October…Hip-Hop is starting to get very interesting, it’s shaping up to be a great November out here. We all know Drake’s LP Take Care is on the way, but believe it or not all eyes are on Wale right now. Yeah…I said it. My track of the week is the smooth, laid back, calm, relaxed, 2mph an hour track… “Lotus Flower Bomb” I know it’s been out for a few weeks, but when I first heard it I was like “Damn this is nice, Miguel did his thing on the hook” then, weeks later it started getting bigger and bigger. I had to sit back and listen to what Wale said…”Easy baby you the bomb and all, but I be damned if I do not land mine”, I haven’t heard harder bars on a smooth beat like that since…maaaaan. When I hear this beat, I imagine Megan Good in my tub with her legs up. Well…there you have it. I will be buying Ambition, which releases Tuesday by the way.

Bryan – Twitter

I can’t say I have ever been a Wale fan, but there is no doubt that I have always respected his hard work and determination in the rap game that so many rappers lack. Wale constantly drops new tracks to keep his fans satisfied and makes sure they are all of good quality. I never took the time to get into his mixtapes, but his debut album Attention Deficit is an album I have given the time to listen to so I know what to somewhat expect when it comes to his style. “Lotus Flower Bomb,” a track from his soon to be released Ambition, spurred my interest for the album. Then “Slight Work” dropped this past week and I instantly knew I would be buying Ambition. The beat produced by Diplo is straight up crack, but the flow of Wale and Big Sean is masterful. The beat and rhymes go hand-in-hand to make for one of the most fun songs of 2011. A song is always enjoyable when you can tell an artist had fun recording it and “Slight Work” is without a doubt one of those cases.

David – Twitter

On Wednesday, I attended Wale’s listening party for Ambition with Mr. Amaya from Rap Radar; shout out to the homie. I had high expectations for the album and it definitely didn’t disappoint. As the night went on and the tracks flowed through the speakers, Wale stopped and introduced “Ambition” by dedicating the track to all those that strive to achieve all the time. The track features Maybach Music general Ricky Rozay and counterpart, Meek Mill. This one’s definitely a banger. Make sure you go and cop Ambition on November 1st. You will not be disappointed.

Dope Native Boy – Twitter

Well where can I start with this track? Although this leaked prematurely, I have made up my mind, I’m gonna cop Wale’s Ambition project on 11-1-11 and so should you. Meek’s verse and Ross’ demeanor over a T-Minus beat is the perfect setting for my favorite track of this week. I like Wale’s hook on this track, it sounds way different from what I have heard from Wale this past couple of months, which is a surprise. Wale’s music is slowly growing on me, not a huge MMG fan but how can you hate when they drop tracks like this. Ambition 11-1-11.

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