On 11/11/11’s edition of Tracks Of The Week, we feature songs from Drake, Common, Yelawolf, Asap Rocky, Eminem, Slaughterhouse and more. Read our picks and listen to each song after the break.

Kenny – Twitter

This week I’m choosing a classic as my track of the week. Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up” I’m choosing because, while it was nearly forgotten about to me, Drake’s “Practice” from his new album Take Care which is basically a cover of Juvie’s classic record (but nowhere near as good) made me want to listen to it once again. Since I found the song and purchased it, it has already had 44 plays in my iTunes this week. Juvenile recently spoke out on Drake’s “Practice” and I couldn’t agree more with his opinions on the song. This song isn’t one about lyrics or anything, but that beat will go down in history. Thanks Mannie Fresh.

Kate – Twitter

Although “Peso” dropped back in July and followed with a visual in August, it didn’t catch my attention until last week when ASAP Rocky dropped his mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. There are a few tracks on the mixtape that I love, but Peso is my JAM and I have been listening too religiously. I can’t stop listening and I’m forcing people to listen who haven’t heard of ASAP before. They agree that this track is hard. ASAP samples The SOS Band’s second single from their 5th LP “No Ones Gonna Love You”. It has a eerie, haunting beat with deep synth’ of chimes in the background. No matter what ASAP is rapping about he has some tough bravado. Drake recently reached out to ASAP and asked him to be on the Club Paradise Tour. ASAP is already on the right track, I think him being on the tour will showcase his talents and grab some more attention.

“Graduate school of hard-knocks, I can show you my degrees//
Couple A, B, C’s, bad bitch double D//
Popping E I don’t give a F, told you I’m a G”

Native Boy – Twitter

This week has been a dry week for me when it came down to selecting my favorite track of the week. But better late then never for me, this Friday morning I woke up after dreaming of some weird, crazy dreams. So I turned on my computer and noticed on Rap Dose that Yelawolf released his new track “Throw It Up”. I was instantly intrigued only due to the fact that Eminem was featured, also some girl named Gangsta Boo. I have no clue who this is, but after listening a couple of times I found myself enjoying the track. I was impressed with Yelawolf’s delivery on this track, I also think he had to step up on this, or find himself on a list of Eminem victims. Radioactive drops 11-21-11.

Bryan – Twitter

I would be lying if I said I am a fan and follower of the L.E.P Bogus Boys. I would also be lying if I said I downloaded their latest mixtape, Now Or Neva, released this past Monday. I am, however, a big Lupe Fiasco fan, and I would say that’s the only reason I gave this track a listen. I’m glad I did. Monday was all about mixtape mania and Halloween, with multiple groups and artists releasing projects all on the same day. L.E.P’s Now Or Neva dropped and it went without a download from me. I came across a stream for the Lupe featured track “Zombiland” though and I instantly become interested in the Bogus Boys. I was happy enough that this duo were able to somewhat bring Lupe’s old style back, but then I had discovered a new group that I could see my self getting into. The beat goes hard and possesses a sort of eerie sound which makes it appropriate for Halloween. The flow of each verse builds the next verse with more excitement and tension, leading to a great line from Lupe: “Gave you The Cool like Fonzi/Bigge Smalls ghost, 2pac’s Zombie…” I love when a group grabs a feature from an artist I like and makes me a fan of their own work in the process. I’ll definitely be giving Now Or Neva a listen this weekend!

iTimeless – Twitter

Who said Tracks of the Week have to be from anything released during the week? Not me. If you didn’t know, yesterday night I had the opportunity to check out Childish Gambino in concert at Terminal 5 in NYC and after hearing my current favorite artist perform his remix of Kanye West’s recent banger, I fell in love with the track all over again. I’ve always appreciated Gambino for his sound but the risk he took with this was beyond any other. Completely stripping the beat down an remaking the melody and harmonies with his own instruments and abilities was something that could definitely lead to disaster but thankfully it turned out to be a hit among fans, since the venue went absolutely insane last night upon hearing Glover start to sing the hook. At this point I like Gambino’s mix just as much if not more than I like the original. It’s this kind of effort and outside of the box thinking that assures me of CG’s greatness and now that bloggers and other sleepers alike are starting to wake up and notice his abilities, the best is yet to come. Well, that’s it for me, If you like what you hear and you’re not already a fan, google the dude and definitely get with it now before the bandwagon reaches the maximum capacity. His project Camp is in stores November 15th, and you can check my review on that here. See you next week.

Hype – Twitter

After I heard T.I.’s verse on this remix for the first time, I thought he killed it, which he did. Then I heard Crooked I’s verse and thought nothing would touch that. That was until Royce da 5’9″ came in and took it to another level. Surely after that, nothing could one up that masterpiece of a verse. But sure enough Joell Ortiz did it without one care in the world of hurting Royce’s feelings. After four absolutely insane verses, and a good one from Yelawolf, I didn’t think anything could top all of them…you know what I’m about to say, then Joe voice blasted through my speakers. At first he seemed a little off beat, but he probably meant to do that, and got right back on the beat two bars into his verse. You could pick any of the six verses on this song and say it is arguably the hardest verse of the year. That got me thinking, would we ever see a Shady 2.0 compilation album? Young Money and MMG have already done it, and G.O.O.D. Music has one on the way, so it’s not that farfetched. Especially since Yelawolf’s album is coming out this month, Slaughterhouse should be wrapping up their first album on Shady soon, and Eminem hasn’t started anything new that I’m aware of. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Levar – Twitter

Common has always been a lyricist and that can never be disputed but his musical taste, on the other hand, has varied over the years and not always for the good. After the release of “Blue Sky” I was intrigued but “Sweet” has me anxiously awaiting The Dreamer, The Believer’s release on December 20th. Common sounds more like Common Sense on “Sweet”. Yes, the same Common Sense that told Ice Cube he sees the bitch in him on the infamous track “The Bitch In Yoo”. With No I.D. behind the boards and Common spitting that raw unadulterated “80’s cocaine”, The Dreamer, The Believer could possibly be one of the best albums released this year. We will just have to wait and see.

Trill – Twitter

Drake’s highly anticipated album Take Care drops on Tuesday, make sure you pick up a copy. It’s a really great album. After the replays of “Over My Dead Body”, “Underground Kings”, “Lord Knows”, and “HYFR”. “Look What You’ve Done” is definitely my favorite, If you ask me, Drake didn’t have to do this record. We’ve all had them before, but the track starts with him speaking on his Mother, “You tell me I’m just like my father, my one button, you push it. Now it’s fuck you. I hate you” to “I see pain killers on the kitchen counter, I hate to see it, I hurt so bad”. First verse is dope. Next verse Drake takes it back to ’06, and speaks on how his Uncle helped him in his life, “Told you I’m done acting I’m more in touch with the music”. Last but not least…a very touching speech from his grandmother. Very personal track from Drizzy, one of the best tracks he’s ever made. I’m sure he feels the same. Props to Chase N. Chase for this amazing beat.